About Us

      Anji Yukang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bamboo and wood machinery products. The original "Anji Tianli Bamboo Machinery Factory", with the passage of time, Yukang Machinery continues to grow and develop, from product design to product delivery process The quality management system guarantees (ISO9001 quality system certification), relying on the hard work of the staff, making great efforts, scientific research and design, production and management have developed greatly, new products continue to emerge, production continues to grow, economic efficiency continues to improve, a variety of products With national patents, it gradually formed its unique technological advantages and production scale, and maintained strong market competitiveness.

      The company's main products have two series:
      1、 the press series: heavy bamboo flooring, bamboo rubber board, bamboo mat, bamboo flooring, cutting board, wood glue board, blockboard, particle board, PVC floor, insulation board, asbestos board, cardboard and other press products.
      2、Bamboo and wood machinery series: bamboo chopsticks, bamboo sticks, toothpicks, bamboo mats, bamboo curtains, bamboo flooring, bamboo rubber panels and other products.

      Yukang Machinery is committed to establishing long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with customers. In the spirit of mutual respect and open communication, we cooperate with customers to build market-leading products and environment. The company takes the spirit of unity and innovation, pioneering and enterprising, and strives for survival by quality and reputation. To develop into a business philosophy, to ensure product quality, efficient service, to create more value for customers.



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